Noösphere is pleased to offer the following guidelines to assist you in preparing your submission. As we receive a high volume of submissions, please allow three to six months for reply. Please note we are only accepting submissions from Canadian authors and poets at this time, with a focus on science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and young adult novels.

General Submission Guidelines:

• We do not consider unsolicited manuscripts, but we strongly encourage authors to send a letter of enquiry with a small sample of the work. If we are interested, we will ask to see more, otherwise the sample is returned, provided that a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage accompanies the manuscript.

• We do not consider electronically transmitted material.

• Additional genre specific guidelines follow below, we hope they are helpful in preparing your enquiry.

Poetry Guidelines:

We are committed to publishing the best poetry, and to contribute to the literary culture in Canada.

• We accept poetry submissions from January 1st to March 31st each year; submissions sent outside this period will be returned. As we receive a high volume of submissions during this time, please allow up to six months after the end of the submission period for reply.

• Along with your letter of enquiry, please include a sample of 15–20 poems, single spaced on one-sided, white bond paper, with no more than one poem per page.

• Noösphere publishes poetry in small print runs of 400 to 700 copies, with reprints as necessary. Our poetry books vary in length from 46 to 96 pages.

Please clearly indicate on the outer envelope: Poetry Submission.


If you have a non-submission related inquiry, please contact us.