Blake Northcott

Blake Northcott is a writer, Twitter-er and Slayer of Vampires (only the ones that sparkle).

In 2013 her book ‘Arena Mode’ was the highest-grossing superhero novel on Kickstarter, and was the third most successful publishing project (Fiction category) of the year, and the series was approved as part of the curriculum for a Florida state high school.

In addition to writing novels, Blake is a regular contributor to Verily Magazine, Comic Book Resources, Geeks of Doom and CBS Man Cave Daily.

She lives in the Toronto area where she spends most of her free time reading comic books and attempting to stay warm. Her turn-offs include Wheel of Fortune, cars with spinning rims and Ke$ha.

Blake's books Arena Mode and Assault or Attrition are available now, and her upcoming book Final Empire will soon be available for pre-order.