Arena Mode (The Arena Mode Saga, Book 1) by Blake Northcott

In the near future the government announces that superhumans are real. But unlike the iconic heroes of comic book fiction, they never put on capes and venture out to save the world; most keep to themselves in an attempt to blend in with a society that fears their abilities, and considers their very existence a terrorist threat. 

One day, billionaire Cameron Frost makes a shocking announcement: the latest in his series of increasingly-violent sporting events will be a no-holds-barred fighting tournament. It will take place in a secured urban combat zone – known as The Arena – where 13 volunteers battle for the largest cash prize ever awarded. 

The catch? To participate, you have to be a superhuman. 

Comic book enthusiast and lifelong underachiever Matthew Moxon is excited to watch real-life superheroes clash for the first time, but a series of unforeseen circumstances find him tossed into the tournament, forced to fight the most dangerous human beings on the planet. When the game begins his only chance of survival is to outwit the competitors, all while he tries to unlock the mysteries buried within The Arena itself.


"Blake Northcott is the most exciting new voice to come to superheroes in over a decade. She's got a brand new angle on this material. I genuinely think she's going to be a game-changer." - Mark Millar, Writer, Kick-Ass, Wanted and The Ultimates 

"Sometimes you get a chance to jump on board a writers career at the start, before everybody else discovers how good they are. Blake Northcott is that opportunity. So jump on her already...wait, just read her books." - Dave Johnson, Artist, Superman: Red Son, Deadpool and The Punisher 

“Blake Northcott is pretty much making nerd dreams come true. Action, Suspense and Comics all at once? Can I make that a double, with a large side of blow your mind? ! Try not to fall in love. I dare you!” - Regina Carpinelli, CEO and Founder of Stan Lee's Comikaze 

Series: The Arena Mode Saga
Paperback: 355 pages
Language: English / Italian
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces

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