About Us

Noösphere Publishing is a literary press dedicated to publishing bold, unique science-fiction, fantasy, horror and young adult titles, as well as poetry from Canadians and citizens of the world.

The Noösphere is the theoretical sphere of human consciousness – where our most fervent dreams, desires, passions and fantasies are incubated. The Noösphere is the genesis of what will, through the artist, be crafted into a storytelling experience. The result is a book; what Stephen King once referred to as “uniquely portable magic”.

As an emerging publisher we are on a journey to highlight the authors currently with us, and to the discovery of new artists; nurtiring their talents, giving them exposure, and sharing their stories through print and digital media.


Noösphere Publishing is based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and has been operating since 2013. Noösphere is a division of Digital Vanguard, Inc.


Please refer to submission guidelines before contacting us.